Curating memorable cycling experiences
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Our Mission

Our Mission

Cycling Quests curates memorable adventures on two wheels, sending each of our riders home with stories to share.

If we’ve succeeded, you’ll bring friend next time.

Cycling Quests aims to bring inclusivity and accessibility to cycling events. Our events create memorable experiences for cyclists of all skill levels and backgrounds. We aim to break down long-standing tribal barriers and elitism  and in their place build a community of adventure seekers. 

We do this because events can be more fun and offer greater value to you. We do this because we look around and see that most cycling events do not represent the diverse breadth of skills, fitness, and most of all confidence in a riders ability no matter where they are in their journey on the bike. 

We’ve poured over every detail to guarantee you’ll leave with stories that you’ll retell on every ride after. Our primary goal is to ensure you start having the best time possible from the moment you arrive.

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Work With Us

We want to work with like-minded companies that prioritize customer experiences and inclusivity.

Our events offer several ways to connect with our community before, during, and after each event.


Cycling Quests puts on valuable events for its riders and partners. We want to set our partners up to succeed with our community. This starts weeks and months before each event, developing brand recognition and authenticity in the eyes of our riders. We believe that event expos should be more interactive, engaging, and memorable. We can make your brand more visible and provide lasting and meaningful impressions. 

Our team brings decades of field, digital, and sports marketing experience to our events. Let us use this expertise to help you achieve your goals. We love creating exciting activations with our partners and aim to measure success with data.

Partner With Us

Our team consists of logistics, marketing, entertainment, and hospitality professionals.

This diverse range of expertise brings new perspectives to cycling events.

Our team hails from a variety of professional backgrounds, bringing valuable expertise and new perspectives to cycling events. Each one of us brings event experience ranging from locals-only DIY rides to televised races and large-scale festivals. Most importantly, our diverse histories provide us with relatable experiences to all skill levels. 

We come from all spectrums of the cycling community and want to provide a welcoming space for all riders to come celebrate cycling. We aren’t just riders from a road, or mountain bike or even a gravel bike. 

We do it all whether that’s riding a bike for errands, staying fit on the roads or having an epic dirt adventure. Whatever bike a rider has, that machine is the noble steed that transports them for whatever purpose it may be. 

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